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Stay different and stay irreplaceable

It has been established with the auspicious motive to impart quality education in English Language proficiency for competitive Examinations. It has made its place successfully in the good books of the learners in a very small span of time because of its teaching methodology. It is purely scientific; based on observation, inference and execution. Its approaches of teaching are innovative and practical. It always keeps the things in the main stream and let the students flow into it. It doesn’t strike hammer on the soft clay of the learners’ minds rather it deals each grammatical term with its position and behavior so as to impress the minds of the learners. The positions of the words and phrases help to identify their kinds and the functions logically. Not a single thing is discussed in the class which encourages the learners to cram it rather it keeps the temperament of the class such that they never assimilate anything without logics.

The essence of English or perhaps any language is in understanding the meaning and sense of the words and phrases contextually, hence; the words and phrases must be studied in the related aspects. It means it a lot and it is kept in the minds throughout the classes.

An optimistic outlook towards making the learning easier and easier, it has been augmenting its approaches at a stretch and making the dreams of thousands of aspirants true. A great number of its students have secured top ranks and they are enjoying the prestigious government jobs today. It has never been possible without being imaginative and creative towards ameliorating the over all aspects of its teaching methodology.

Over and above it has dedicated so many highly recommended books on English Language proficiency to the learners which hone their skills and pave the way of success.

It is what it repeatedly does; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


The more we practise, the more competent we become

Method is the mother of memory. The good things we learn, we must try to bring them into actions and this is the wisest way of securing success in any affairs. We are extremely focused for the absolute development of the learners regarding English Language Proficiency. We have adopted the way to teach them all the essentials together by relating them to the question patterns asked in various examinations.

(1) We have developed a day-out plan and accompanied it along with relevant books.

☛ In this day-out plan, we provide a handout on vocabulary over the specific theme and it is based on etymology as well. We learn how to use them throughout in the examples at the time, we study grammar portion in the class. This is really a mind-blowing technique to learn vocabulary and grammar together with the numerous examples. It impresses the mind of the learners positively. We use our time purposefully, hence; the learners retain the essentials in their minds easily and become able to express themselves flawlessly at the time of writing and finding out errors and solving others with ease.
Our useful books on vocabulary:- (1) Basic Word Booster (2) Advanced Word Booster

☛ A hand-out on grammatical ability test is given with the three different patterns:-(a) Spotting Errors (b) Sentence Improvement and (c) Fill in the Blanks and the most important aspect of our approach is that all the discussed vocabulary parts of the class are incorporated herein.
Our useful books on grammar ability test:- (1) A Mentor Of Common Errors (2) The Alma Matter Of Sentence Improvement (3) A Reservoir Of Fill in The Blanks (4) The Trail Blazer of Voice and Narration

Our useful chapter wise books on the parts of speech:- (1) Noun Errors (2) Pronoun Errors (3) Adjective Errors (4) Preposition Errors (5) Conjunction Errors (6) Verb Errors (7) Adverb Errors (8) Articles and Question Tag Errors (9) Voice and Narration Errors

☛ We provide a hand-out on reading skills containing:- (a) Sentence Rearrangements on either pattern of Bank and SSC Exams, (b) a passage based on Rapid Fillers and (c) a passage based on reading comprehension.
We keep increasing the level of difficulties of the questions at the convenient pace of the learners.
Our useful book on reading skill: - A Sharpener Of Reading Skills

(2) We conduct a weekly test (off line) with a discussion class and a weekly test (on line) with a video with explained answers (with upcoming tests).
(3) We conduct a class of descriptive English every Saturday.
All the above mentioned handouts, books, weekly tests and outstanding methodology enable the learners not only in qualifying the exams but also enable them in securing good ranks in the throat cut competitions.

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.


Set the goal and hit the goal

We welcome all the aspirants preparing for competitive examinations. We are devoted to help them in augmenting their English Language Proficiency. We have adopted such a lucid and pragmatic technique that helps to improve their logical potential to overcome all the hurdles of the examinations regarding this subject. We assure them of ameliorating their performance through our pedagogy of inductive and deductive method that helps them to think over each aspect of learning scientifically. They learn how to relate each day’s learning to the question patterns asked in various examinations like: SSC, BANK PO, UPSC, CPF, CDS, NDA and many more.

The success of our students has glorified the name of the teacher and the institute as well. It has been achieved only through the skillful teaching, rigorous practice and their diligence of course. Our secret of success is the constancy of purpose for giving excellent teaching and we are bound to deliver quality education by using all the innovative approaches.

In our experience, there is only one motivation, and that is desire. No reason and principle contains it or stands against it.

Wishing you a prosperous career